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Pray for Unborn 

 Dedicated to Pray for Unborn and Protect the Rights of Unborn
Through Research, News, and Pro-Life Action





Cdevelopment from f

Cdevelopment from f

AA Cry From An Unborn Baby:



(the cry of an aborted baby)


Where are you mommy?

I can’t find you anywhere.

I wanted so much to meet you

But, when I looked you were not there.


Did you know how much they hurt me

When they pulled me all apart?

I tried and tried to call to you.

Did you feel it in your heart?


Where are you mommy?

You didn’t kiss me goodbye.

And you never got to hold me

You didn’t even try.


Will you think of me sometimes

When you say your prayers at night?

I will think of you all the time

‘Cause my love for you burns bright.


Where are you mommy?

Is daddy there with you?

Do I have any brothers or sisters?

Or is it just you two?


I’m with the saints and angels

In heaven up above;

With Jesus and Mother Mary

Giving me hugs and lots of love.


Where are you mommy?

I listen for your voice.

I used to hear it all the time

Before you said “ I have a choice”.


Please don’t forget me mommy

‘Cause I’ll be waiting here.

I promise to pray for you everyday

 I love you so much mommy dear.


  • By Marianne Buzzelli (2019)

Hold Me Close Dear Jesus

( prayer of an unborn baby)


Hold me close dear Jesus

In Your arms all night

Keep me safe from danger

Until the morning light.


Please help my mommy love me

The way I know You do.

So mommy and daddy will keep me.

Oh Jesus I’m begging You.


Hold me close dear Jesus

I really am afraid

I see the doctor coming

With great big tools he made


They want to rip me out now

And just throw me away

Don’t they know I am a baby

I could laugh and love and play


Hold me close dear Jesus

Until it’s time to go

And please forgive my mommy

She really didn’t know


Please tell her that I love her

And I love my daddy too

Tell them I went to heaven

To pray for them with You.


  • By Marianne Buzzelli

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